The Newport Daily Express – Skilled Tough Men Build Soft Energy

Skilled Tough Men Build Soft Energy

By: John W. Stevens

Special to the Newport Daily

WEST CHARLESTON- It takes tough men to build soft energy, as the Bancroft Contracting Corp. of South Paris, ME is demonstrating on the new power generating facility in West Charleston, VT.

The working environment in and around a fast flowing river is dangerous and demanding.  Managing the work around the weather plays an important role in keeping the job on schedule.  Pop-up storms and heavy rains can delay the work requiring overtime.  The men performing the difficult work in West Charleston are skilled, hard working and determined to finish as scheduled.

The job provides work for many in this community, including engineers, surveyors, concrete contractors, such as Carroll Concrete, and others.  The men stay in the area and constitute good customers for housing, food, medical and other services.  A large amount of the energy and money generated by this project benefits this community.  Clean, safe and reliable energy will flow from this facility for many, many years to come.

BayCorp Holdings acquired the riparian rights, through a wholly owned subsidiary called Great Bay Hydro, from Citizens Utilities in 2004.  Included was a 4 megawatt generating system in Newport and non-operating hydroelectric facilities in Troy and West Charleston, VT.  BayCorp is obligated to provide 9.06 megawatts of electric energy to Unitil under a long-term contract.  The facilities are regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

Great Bay Hydro has contracted with Bancroft Contracting Corporation of South Paris, ME, to build the West Charleston facility.  Bancroft, unlike many general contractors, employs a mobile workforce of multi-skilled craftsmen who design, estimate, engineer and construct facilities for pulp and paper manufacturers, power generating companies, state transportation departments, cement and plastics manufacturers and many other commercial and industrial customers.

While Bancroft has constructed facilities as far away as Chicago and Louisiana, most of the work is in New York, Massachusetts, Southern New England and the mid-Atlantic region with emphasis in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.  The on-site crews include code and structural welders, millwrights, pipe fitters, industrial electricians, riggers, ironworkers, form, frame and finish carpenters, equipment operators, fence installers and skilled laborers.

The Bancroft President, Mark Bancroft, purchased the company from founder and his father, Al Bancroft, in 2004 and has concentrated on creating a mutually beneficial, relation-based service built on repeat business.  Mark was Maine’s Small Business Person of the year in 2009.  The company also provides mechanical, civil and electrical engineering services to industrial and commercial markets throughout New England.

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